Multilingual Services and Advocacy: ECCNSW recommends Babeltext for multilingual accessibility and inclusion

Babeltext and ECCNSW aim to transform the way in which we reach out to CaLD communities, and there couldn’t be a more pertinent time than COVID

Amidst a pandemic, and the cries for more open communication, Babeltext, and the peak body the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW (ECCNSW) believe finding a new way of reaching out to our culturally diverse communities is vital, and the new multilingual text messaging services by Babeltext is just the solution.

Through late 2020 and early 2021, the ECCNSW conducted an independent review of the Babeltext platform to confirm the usability, accessibility, linguistic and cultural appropriateness of the tool.

The results were extremely positive; with Babeltext positioned as a one-stop-shop for conversational messaging in almost all scenarios, serving a valuable purpose as a means for easy communication between services and the Cultural and Linguistically Diverse community.

“It is refreshing to see software that places the individual at the center of the conversation, allowing them to actively participate in decision making and help them to navigate systems in Australia in their preferred language.”

— Terrie Leoleos, Manager, Ageing and Disability, ECCNSW


The Test: 7 Languages in 6 Scenarios

22 bilingual speakers and community members representing 7 languages participated in 5 interactive testing and review sessions. Simulated case studies were used to guide the participants and customers through the testing of the software and platform. These simulated sessions were conducted completely in language with English-speaking operators to prove the power the platform offered.



The languages tested:

Arabic, Greek, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Korean, Vietnamese, and English.

The scenarios tested:

  • Fire Brigade Response – Fire emergency evacuation response for a family holidaying in NSW.
  • Tourism NSW – Assist tourists to access public transport, purchase and use an Opal card, and reach their destination using the most efficient route, safely.
  • Hotel Concierge – Assist hotel guests to process complaints, identifying eateries that provide vegetarian options, and requesting the concierge organize a dinner reservation.
  • Lifeline – Reporting mental health issues and depression. The consumer was asked to seek support from a Lifeline operator.
  • COVID-19 testing – Consumers were asked to seek assistance to identify if they had COVID-19, where they would go to get tested and to understand risk factors.
  • Services NSW – Seek guidance for vehicle registration, identify the difference between a pink slip and a green slip, and the steps required to register a vehicle over 10 years old.

Is Conversational Messaging the Answer to a Service’s Language Barriers?

The testing and review of the platform were robust and comprehensive, with ECCNSW bilingual facilitators and consumers scrutinizing each and every process and action – all welcomed by Babeltext. Guided by the feedback, we gained several opportunities to improve the platform for CALD users and the platform operators.

The review improved our dashboard and interface functions which promoted fluid conversation and language exchange between the operator and the consumer during subsequent tests. We also obtained valuable data, with some notable takeaways reported:

  • Consumers reported over 98% accuracy in the translations (to and from English) exchanged during the final testing session.
  • Consumers reported high, and extremely high, levels of confidence in the platform – believing it provided secure and accurate information.
  • Consumers reported 100% levels of comfort and ease when using the text service as a communication tool and reported it was at times the preferred method of communicating – particularly when dealing with conflict situations and complaints.
  • The in-language text service improved confidence and allayed fear and reluctance in consumers, particularly when having to negotiate or facilitate complaints or report dissatisfaction with service, amongst particular cultures. For example, complaining may be perceived as taboo in Korean or Chinese culture.


ECCNSW provided 22 bilingual facilitators and consumer testers across 5 tests – thanks, team!

Babeltext can Co-Exist with Other Language Services, Working in Unison

ECCNSW states “Babeltext provides instant and timely language support in the absence of expert language personnel.

It provides non-English speaking consumers with immediate, and in most cases, short term solutions using short and concise text-to-text language services.“

Furthermore, Babeltext was found to not compete with or challenge current language supports provided by the government and formal language services. In fact, it adds value by meeting communication gaps experienced by services during critical points of entry where skilled language personnel and formal language supports are not available.

“A promising unique offering in what is currently a complex, multidimensional, multifaceted, multicultural landscape. The ability to facilitate real-time conversations in language during critical pathways, emergency points of entry, or uncertainty of safety are significant barriers particularly when assisting refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and culturally diverse communities.

— Terrie Leoleos, Manager, Ageing and Disability, ECCNSW

How can Services Adopt Multilingual Messaging Support?

The ECCNSW testing showcased the intuitive nature of the Babeltext platform – meaning that operators can adopt and utilize the platform in minutes. We’ve also put together a comprehensive onboarding document for organizations as part of the operator training that will take place.

Organizations can migrate their communications to Babeltext and select channels such as SMS, Web Chat, Facebook Messenger as well as Google Business Messenger, and immediately have full multilingual conversations with their customers and clients.

This means your channels become automatically multilingual, and your operators need only use a single platform for all messaging communications.

To find out more about Babeltext, or to access the full ECCNSW report, get in touch at or book a free demo below.

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