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CALD – Cultural and Language Diverse

The broad focus of The Multicultural Access and Equity Policy Guide for Australian Government Departments and Agencies essentially outlines the importance of providing access to CALD Communities.

Each year, Australian Government Departments and Agencies will be asked to report to the Department on their multicultural access and equity performance as part of an annual snapshot of the policy’s implementation. The annual snapshot will be presented to the Australian Multicultural Council (AMC).

Babeltext’s Linguistic communication platform could easily be integrated into such a strategic plan for each department, agency and council.

As a specialist in your field, you likely know that 1 in 6 Australians suffer from hearing loss. The question is, are you offering the best possible support? Babeltext is a revolutionary solution for Audiology Clinics and other healthcare practices to effectively communicate with the hearing or speech impaired in 133 languages. Our platform effortlessly integrates with clinical CRM systems to give clinicians, clinic staff, and patients complete peace of mind—no complicated training required. Patients can easily schedule appointments, seek support, and access key information via text in up to 133 languages. Read more here:

As an Aged Care facility, you have daily engagement with people experiencing hearing loss, speech impairment and cognitive decline. For many Aged Care residents, such symptoms, coupled with medications, privacy issues, or background noise, can influence effective communication. Adopting Babeltext, Aged Care providers have open and instant communications with residents, families and their respective healthcare professionals. As a multilingual text-messaging platform, we remove additional stress, anxiety and upset for non-English speakers and those with audiology challenges.

Up to 55% of individuals residing in Sydney’s Greater West and Melbourne are of non-English speaking backgrounds (insert researcher). Due to the language barrier, most of these constituents struggle to ask questions and organise essential documentation required by Government bodies. For example, payment plans with Revenue NSW or queries relating to Service NSW partner services (Roads and Maritime, Births, Deaths and Marriages, or Fair Trading). Babeltext is an incredibly economical and intelligent solution to resolve language barrier challenges. Our service streamlines communication between the Government/Council and residents. Your operators can manage multiple multilingual requests, and the savings gained from reducing wait times result in thousands of dollars. Read more here:

Expand your customer service channels to include more real-time engagement. Remove the emotional stress non-English speaking customers face and communicate effectively via the Babeltext text messaging platform in 133 languages. Empower guests and international residents to make reservations, order meals and beverages confidently, or discover nightlife and other hotspots via text in their native language. Read more here:

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Imagine how many more lives your service could save and support without language barriers and backed-up operators. Babeltext immediately resolves this obstacle and opens up your help and crisis service to socially isolated individuals. A great example is the mega-successful US Crisis Text Linepositively highlights how Australian help services can do the same. You do your best with your knowledge, but when you know you can do better, there's a responsibility to act as a crisis service. Don’t turn a blind eye. Read more here:

When English is a second language, attending school, TAFE, or university may feel daunting. You can make your students feel heard and seen with the Babeltext platform. Communicate from School to Student and Student to School via text message in up to 133 languages. Give each student and their caregivers the opportunity to be part of your learning community. Read more here:

The 2016 Census identified that inside Australian homes, we have “300” separately identified spoken languages”. Babeltext is a cost-effective solution to communicate with non-English speakers and engage them in Tourism activities. Text-based messaging through the platform removes language barriers for Immigration or Tourism bodies and the individuals corresponding with your organisation. Remove unnecessary angst, stress, and discomfort for all involved. Communicate important information clearly and efficiently.