Customer Engagement and Technology: Google’s Business Messages Offer Five Benefits

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With Google Business Messages, you’ll be able to reach your consumers right where they are in their time of need. Find out more about this conversational messaging channel and the five advantages it can provide for your company.

The world has changed. Each year, companies spend $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service calls. However, just a small percentage of customers appreciate speaking with automated customer service.

Customers desire to communicate with companies on their own terms. When they have a problem or an inquiry. When they have a desire or a need. In the next 12 months, 36% of consumers plan to send a business a text message. They are more at ease with private channels than with public ones.

Google’s Business Solution is available in two flavors: Google’s My Business app and a third-party provider’s use of Google’s Business Messaging API like Babeltext. The My Business app is free to use for small enterprises, but if your company handles large volumes of messages with several employees, the API is the way to go. Business Messages from Google is designed for high volume, scalability, and ease of use. The API may be integrated into your customer communication platform, and it allows for interfaces with other apps like chatbots.



This trend helped Google build Business Messages, a new mobile conversational channel. Businesses may use conversational marketing to deliver rich dialogues, engaging client experiences, and business results.

Here are the 5 Benefits of Why using Google’s Business Messages is the best tool for your company:

  1. Help or support customers in their time of need.

Customers will be able to communicate with you using Google Business Messages through a variety of sources, including Google Search and Google Maps. They don’t have to visit your website first. Instead, they can message you directly through Google Search or Google Maps’ chat suggestion button. This means there’s one fewer step to interacting with you, and thus one fewer roadblock to getting in touch with you. You won’t have to take any extra steps to be available for your consumers when they need you.

  1. Make the most of Google’s powerful search engine.

Google is a global behemoth, with billions of (daily) searches. When we need to know something, buy something, or get help with something, we all go to Google. And now they’re allowing (possible) consumers to contact you directly through their search engine. Consider the advantages of utilizing this strong search engine.

  1. Integrate to provide a seamless, high-value service.

Using the API, Google Business Messages can be easily linked with any messaging provider or platform you already use. It may be utilized to automate your communication and make communicating with customers a lot easier and quicker. You may also link it with other services like voice and chatbots to improve the client experience.

  1. Make the most of Rich Media.

Rich media capabilities like as images, carousels, smart reply chips, and the ability to link chatbots are available through Google’s Business Messaging API. A fantastic tool for improving customer service and providing customized on-demand assistance.

  1. Make the most of your customer service time.

You may manage many chats at once with Google Business Messages. The exchanges are brief and intimate. You can also compose up to five welcome messages to start the conversation with your consumers.

How to Begin Using Google Business Messages

Babeltext makes it simple to get started with Google Business Messages as a partner. We’ll start by assisting you with the registration procedure. You’ll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire that will be used to register you. Following that, our staff will guide you through the process of implementation and deployment. Finally, we’ll collaborate with you to make sure your messaging is consistent across all mediums.

We’ll be able to bring all of your digital channels together into one agent desktop because the Babeltext messaging platform supports Google Business Messenger, Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Multilingual Web Chat, and Telegram. Working with Babeltext means collaborating with a team that has extensive expertise deploying messaging and bots across all of our supported channels, as well as automating workflows for your whole company.

The way people shop has changed. People shop and browse on a variety of devices. They are impatient and expect the best digital experiences that are tailored to their specific requirements. Customers feel that interacting with a company should be enjoyable, quick, and painless.

We know every business is different, that’s why Babeltext offers both Customer Service & Broadcast Messaging products and customizes the platform to your organization’s needs.

Babeltext is already certified and partnered with Google Business Messages to enable messaging and optimize any campaign for your company.

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Delivering incredible one-to-one chat experiences with Google Business Messages necessitates a conversational marketing platform that makes designing, measuring, and optimizing your chatbot simple.

To learn how to drive revenue with tailored interactions at scale, contact David Hayes (+61 419 371 555), Co-Founder of Babeltext for a product demonstration. Or find out all you need to know about multilingual and multichannel customer engagement! Download our Customer Service & Marketing Guide now.